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Read What Gun Champions, Collectors, and Competitors Say About Matt McLearn’s Custom Firearms

What Matt McLearn does is incredible. He is able to incorporate his mechanical genius, extensive knowledge of firearms, troubleshooting ability, along with his love of shooting to create, what I believe to be, the best custom firearms on the planet.

For a competitive shooter, winning is possible only when all aspects of your performance come together, this includes a pistol that functions 100%.

I have proudly used Matt McLearn’s products for nearly 3 years. Competed in 4 National Championships, having Won 2 National titles and never finishing below 3rd. Matt builds a pistol capable of great things. Thank You, Matt, for everything you do.

Nils Jonasson
USPSA Single Stack National Champion (2012)
USPSA Limited Division National Champion (2010)
Mesa, Arizona
World Champion(2014)
Single Stack National Champion (2016)
Limited Division (2016)

Without a doubt Matt McLearn and MCG have been a huge factor in my success as a competitive practical shooter. In our sport reliability is everything and you will not find a better gun anywhere, period! Six times I have asked Matt to build a gun for me and each time the gun I received exceeded expectations. If you want quality, reliability and great customer service than Matt McLearn and MCG are the way to go!

Tim Smith
Area 2 High Master 2010, 2011
Scottsdale, Arizona

Matt, Thanks for all the work you have done on my guns over the years. It is a pleasure to work with someone of your expertise. Your workmanship is always top notch and, best of all, the guns always run! Additionally, I am always amazed how you can diagnosis problems over the phone and recommend fixes for my amateur gunsmithing mistakes. Just the fact that you get on the phone shows how much you care and what a true “custom” shop you run. I couldn’t find that quality of workmanship or level of service at a “production” shop.

Kerry Pearson Grand Master – USPSA Open Classification
Phoenix, Arizona

My Custom-Built Firearms Guarantee

Today, I offer you custom-made firearms that will have no gunsmithing defects. They are absolutely 100% reliable and accurate – Guaranteed! So regardless of whether you use the firearm for competition, personal protection or recreation, my custom-built, handcrafted guns will not let you down.