MCG Plan B Double Stack W/ Red Dot

MCG’s Commander Model PB W/ Red Dot

The Plan B [PB] commander with a Shield red dot RMSc scope is great for those of us with less than perfect eye sight who have trouble picking up open sights quickly.

The Plan B [PB] commander is a double stack pistol based on the 1911 design, but has an extended stroke to make the gun softer and more reliable.

The commander version uses an MCG double stack tac-rail frame with the Cheely E2 aluminium grip, making it light weight, with an impressive 20 round mag capacity.

MCG only uses EGW ignition parts to ensure long lasting reliable trigger jobs. MCG also uses Aftec extractors along with EGW internals to keep the pistol running reliably for thousands of rounds.


MCG Tac Rail Commander frame

Shield RMSc Red Dot sight, Dawson Co Witness Fiber Optic Front Sight.

Match Grade Bull Barrel

EGW Internals and Ignition Parts

Aftec Extractor

Wilson Ambi Safeties

Cheely E2 Grip, Cheely Trigger & Magwell

Cal. availability: 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 AUTO.

Starting price is: $4,195

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McLearn Custom Double Stack 9mm Plan B Commander W/ Red Dot