Meet Matt

Meet Custom Gun Maker Matt McLearn

From the beginning…

…my goal was to become the USPSA National Champion and IPSC World Champion.


But in competition, I lost time after time because my firearm was not performing the way I thought it should. How disheartening. If you have had experiences like mine, then you know how frustrated and disappointed you get after losing a competition that you should have won.

I knew I was a skilled shooter, but my guns were not up to the task. I quickly realized that, to reach my goals, I needed 100% reliable, “no compromise” firearms.  That was when I decided to learn how to build competition guns myself.



Over the 15 years I was a professional shooter, I started winning titles – too many to mention.  Those titles included the two I wanted most:

USPSA National Championship – 1993

IPSC World Championships – 1993

…and I won those titles using guns that I custom-crafted myself.


History & Guarantee

My 26 years of gunsmithing experience started like this:

1989: I moved from Nova Scotia, Canada to the United States to pursue my gunsmithing and shooting career. Under the wing of master gunsmith, George Smith, I soon learned the art of pistolsmithing.

1993: I founded and opened “McLearn’s Custom Machines.” In that same year I won the USPSA National Championship and IPSC World Championships using guns that I built myself.

2003: I started working for a large firearms manufacturer, SigArms. Together we designed the GSR, which was SigArms’ version of the 1911. This firearm received rave reviews from the firearms industry and was named “Gun of the Year.”

(Year): I went into business for myself.  I built and equipped a completely new custom machine shop.  Now I could work one-on-one with my customers and offer them the most reliable, accurate firearms in the world – the same guns I had used to win National and World Championships.



Today, I offer you custom-made firearms that will have no gunsmithing defects.  They are absolutely 100% reliable and accurate – Guaranteed!

So regardless of whether you use the firearm for competition, personal protection, or recreation, my custom-built, handcrafted guns will not let you down.