Caspian Slide, Carbon


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Caspian forgings are made in the USA with USA material of certified 4340 hi-carbon steel or 416 stainless steel.

They are struck on Caspian dies and pre-heat treated to 37-41 RC before they ever see a cutting tool to insure dimensional stability.

Multi-station inspections greatly improve quality control.

Gunsmithing options:

Lightening Cuts $165

Cocking Serrations $95

Flat Top $95

Fit Slide Racker $80

Lower and Flute Ejection Port $75

Reverse Plug Cut $40

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Additional information


9mm/38 SC, 38 Super, 40 S&W/10mm, 45 ACP

Slide Sizes

Commander 4.25", Government 5", Officers 3.5"


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