Magwell 1911 Ice® by Dawson Precision


Now you can reload a 1911 Single Stack faster than you ever thought possible. The DP Ice® Magwell dominates Action Shooting, and if you shoot a single stack, now you can find out why. The “Replaceable Ice® Insert” is fast and forgiving. The super slick insert slides and glides the magazine right in, reducing missed reloads. Time is everything in Action Shooting and a blown reload can cost you a match, so why not have an advantage? The “Ice® Advantage”. Dawson Precision “KEY LOCKS” the 1911 ICE® Magwell to our special checkered Mainspring Housing, both CNC machined to precision tolerances. Grip is solid and improved because of ergonomic design. Easy to install with tools and instructions included. Fits USPSA and IDPA boxes. Get them before the competition does. Available in Silver or Tactical Black. The profile is not too bulky and great for LE, carry or any shooter looking for a “SLICK as ICE®” 1911 Single Stack reload. Fits USPSA and IDPA boxes. Legal for USPSA Single Stack Division!  Aluminum Mainspring Housing w/Magwell and Insert Weigh 1.5 oz. Wanna try the No-Gap Ice® Magwell? It’s as easy as changing the insert! The only difference between the Standard and No-Gap 1911 Ice® magwell is the insert!
The Benefit to No Gap – In the past, 1911 magazines were stopped by a tang in front that rested against a relief in the front of the frame. Hey, it’s worked for 100 years, but that required magwells to be open in front, to allow the mag to seat fully.
This made the front of the magwell not very forgiving during a speed reload. So we redesigned the whole system. This new insert fills the front gap with a super slick polymer that is “very” forgiving. Now you can have 360 degrees to funnel your 1911 mag into perfect position for consistent, blazing-fast reloads.  All great things come at a price so we had to design a 1911 mag and basepads that exceeded the limits of all conventional design. We took it to a whole ‘nother level!


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