Magwell STI 2011 Ice® by Dawson Precision


Ice® Magwell for STI/SV. Reloads Slick As Ice®. When we debuted the Ice® Magwell at the US Nationals, we took 100 magwells with us to sell. Boy, did they sell, they were gone in 1 hour. We hadn’t even setup our display before we had to send for more from our shop in Texas. They were sold before they arrived. Sales have slowed a bit, but not much. You can’t go to a match where you won’t see several, and for good reason. A fast reload is essential to be competitive. The Ice® Magwell is the fastest, easiest, most consistent magwell for IPSC competition. CNC machined to exact tolerances for a tight fit. When you beat up the insert, the magwell is untouched. Go ahead and pop in a new insert. It takes seconds and you will have it looking and functioning like a new magwell again.
“Large Hand” Magwells are specially designed for big hands, •scalloped sides provide room for bigger hands to get a better grip.


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