MCG 1-pc SS 5" Guide Rod w/ Hole


Overall Length: 4.0″
Guide Rod Diameter: .326″
Spring Plug Material: Stainless
Spring Plug Nose Length: Standard (.092″)
Spring Plug Overall Length: 1.092″
Recoil Spring Type: Round (Not Included)

EGW standard SS spring plug is included.

The takedown hole in the guide rod allows for easy disassembly/reassembly.

This kit does not include recoil springs, but they can be purchased separately.

Fits flush with the slide so you can turn the bushing to disassemble the gun. This guide rod also features a takedown hole.

The head of the guide rod has smooth beveled edges to make for a seamless look.

Check for fit in 3 areas:
(1) Barrel feet should not contact head
(2) Where guide rod rests against frame
(3) Back surface of slide/dustcover is flat and even.


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